The Pertwee Sobriety Test

A few weeks back when Victory of the Daleks was broadcast, many fans–particularly British fans, were upset, and rightfully so in the eyes here at THT Worldwide, at the redesign of the Daleks.  Previous new series updates to the basic Dalek design had made them beefier but stayed largely true to the original series variations of the basic 1963 silhouette.  Now the Daleks were dayglow, bigger, and more plastic and many noted the change as change for change sake.  But longer-term readers of this space also know that the Daleks have never been in our wheelhouse.

This week, however, the series nods decidedly to the Pertwee era with part one of a two-parter that touches on many a Pertwee story, including some of the THT Brain Trust faves (Doctor Who and) The Silurians, Inferno, The Sea Devils, with a nod even to Frontios thrown in for good measure. Once again there’s been a re-design, adequately explained in story it has to be said, so now we have come to the position occupied by others just a few weeks ago.  And it grates.  We also are having a hard time getting past the Sleestak similarities in these anchoveta Silurians (we confess this is shallow on our part).

We have the definite feeling that this story was much more about set-up than The Time of Angels was, but time will tell.  Always does.

Images and caps for The Hungry Earth are now online.