Knotty Knotty … Silents Isn’t Always Golden

Day of the Moon puts the young executroids here at THT Worldwide in a bit of a quandary.  Just to be clear, we liked the story, quite a bit as it happens.  But we’re a little worried that the Moffat-ization of the storytelling is going to become impenetrable to casual audiences.  As fans we follow, even obsess over this kind of thing, that’s why you’re here.

Having just finished with six season of Lost last year, there was no reason during that last year for anyone to watch that show who hadn’t a thorough acquaintanceship with a very knotty backstory.  The latent fear is we’re heading into the same weeds here, although we suspect that moving to a run of stories from other writers will see a de-emphasis on the overall arc for awhile.

As for Day of the Moon itself, what’s not to like?.  This was a visually dense story, as our caps demonstrate.  Some questions were answered, but of course it will be the open strands which will draw the most interest.

  • How will Amy usher in the Silents?
  • How can Amy be both preggers and not?
  • What is the relationship between River, Amy, and the little girl?
  • We’re the Silents really raising that girl, and does that mean that although they be manipulative, they may not necessarily be evil?
  • Although Amy said she missed shooting the girl, doesn’t the clearly cracked visor mean that she compromised the suit and inadvertently killed her anyway.
  • Will the Doctor know her as a Time Lord when he sees her again?

A couple of other last thoughts… River is the new Captain Jack (The Moff introduced him after all) and Mark Sheppard is consistently awesome.
Images and caps for Day of the Moon are now online.