The Ambassadors of Wraith

What is it about Doctor Who and spacesuits?  It’s hard not to think of The Ambassadors of Death at least a little with big, lumbering astronauts imposing menace due to their shielding and slow movement (kinda like Ice Warriors in their own way).  Luckily at least for us that’s only one of the mysteries set up in The Impossible Astronaut.

The hype leading up to the episode foretelling that one of our Tardis quartet would be going down implied that either Amy or the Doctor would be buying it (simply by process of elimination), but it was still a shock to see it play out, relatively early in the episode and, at least at this point, doesn’t appear to be even close to being a cheat.  But what with this being another Moff-tastic time contortion, we’re going to be fascinated to see how it all works out.

Clearly Moffat takes his season openers more seriously than RTD did, and comparisons to previous years end-of-season arc cliffhangers feel right in terms of tone.  We’re all on board again, and isn’t that nice to say.

As for Tour content, turns out many of the images collected for this story appear more appropriate for next weeks Day of the Moon.

Caps and images for The Impossible Astronaut are now online.