(Not) Rapt in Plastic

For the Honchos here at THT Towers Series 12, while very good–and a step-up in quality over Series 11–overall, has been a bit of a hit-and-miss affair.  The ‘Good News’ is that Praxeus does not suffer from The Twin Dilemma problem of being a bad story in the shadow of a great story, rather it was more in the vein of being a or the Planet of Fire predicament of being a rather good story that was too proximate to a great story to be overlooked in historical hindsight.

Still it didn’t grab us, for whatever reason, and as fans it’s okay to admit that a story might be made with quality and care and can be appreciated as such, but it’s just not for you.  The old ‘It’s Not You … It’s Me’ syndrome.  As such it settles in near the bottom of our Dynamic Ratings.  Praxeus doesn’t suffer from the ‘unnecessary plot complication’ that befell Orphan 55 but it also lacks the grandeur of either Spyfall or Fugitive of the Judoon.

Images and caps for Praxeus are now online.