In an uncharacteristic burst of ambition, the bods over at Modern Recap-itulation have come forward with caps for Boom Town.  In any other nu-Who year this is where the Doctor-lite story pops up, in the ‘breather’ hammock between The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances and the two-part finale of Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways.  As such the ambitions seem awfully low.  It’s a simple story of Slitheen Margaret Blaine pleading for her life when the Tardis crew happens across her in Cardiff.  As such it’s quite expositional and the direction is relatively simple.

Boom Town is certainly the Cardiff-iest story in all of Doctor Who, showcasing the town center and environs.  It’s also (and by a fair margin) the happiest Eccleston story with a darn-near giddy Tardis ensemble as the story begins.  But then Boom Town enters it’s contemplative phase, characters pair off and that’s pretty much the remainder of the story, save for the heart of the TARDIS cameo of course.

There’s nothing off-putting about Boom Town, but neither is there anything compelling either.  No wonder Modern Recap-itulation was able to knock it out so quickly.

Could Classic Capitology follow suit?  Things could get prickly.