It’s Good to be Back on the Clock Again

The very definition of a teaser trailer for Series 8 has now been pushed out to the world.

The revelatory thing about it certainly isn’t the looming shadowy figure of Peter Capaldi bearing down the steps of the TARDIS but rather that the new season will begin, as has been reasonably speculated about, in August.  We, like so many others, will stake out August 30th which is a holiday Saturday both in the UK and the US as the date.

All of this echoes the second half of Series 6 for Matt Smith but also classic Seasons 13, 18, 23, and 26 as pure fall runs for the show.  It’ll be hectic as all get out, but it’s soooooo good to be back on the clock again.  As such we’ve reinstituted our own countdown clock.  Can’t wait!