Bad Hair Month

The Tour has gone through the gauntlet of changing hosting and has emerged only slightly singed for the experience, and now it’s back to the good work which includes a few remarks about some recent Tour updates.

One of the amusements of watching period or ‘classic’ TV is in the trappings shown on-screen.  Cars and hair are often dead giveaways to the period,  especially in the early 70’s.  Cars, at least in American TV, were simply enormous.  Heavy, rolling demi-tanks with turning radii the sun would be envious of.  Doctor Who, given its format, has largely been immune to this very particular form of carbon-dating, but hair, well that’s a different cut altogether.

Even as a lagging indicator of societal shifts, it’s always fairly easy to distinguish between the close-cropped, skinny ties of the mid-60s to the creeping sideburns and unkempt flowing locks which ran well into the 70s, and in that regard Doctor Who was not-so-immune.  Bill Filer from The Claws of Axos has a whole mess of business going on.  The guys from IMC in Colony in Space however, well they, and their fine follicle formations, are a more organized lot.

It’s a bold, daring fashion statement to commit to sweeping your hair forward with such consistency, but there it is.  In particular we admire the relentless styling of Morris Perry playing Dent.  Truly a wonder to behold.

Thank goodness we now live in a more enlightened age where such serendipity simply cannot happen, unless of course it does.