‘R’ You Ready?

Another foray into the R-andom R-kitecture of Doctor Who (and by extension the Tour) Production Coding.  To Re-cap the classic series used codes for each story which started with A (for An Unearthly Child) and ran to 7Q (Ghost Light).  ‘I’ was never used, ‘O’ and ‘U’ sparingly, but as for the rest… And the Tour followed, even extended this into nu-Who all the way forward to Whittaker.

The first stop with ‘B‘ showed a rather impressive set of stories and from the looks of it R is none too shabby either.  There ‘R’ a few so-so stories or acquired tastes like The Chase or Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and the less said about Voyage of the Damned the better, but then there’s a nice smattering of classics such as The Robots of Death, The Caves of Androzani, and School Reunion.

R The Chase
RR Fury from the Deep
RRR The Three Doctors
4R The Robots of Death
5R Full Circle
6R The Caves of Androzani
8R School Reunion
9R Voyage of the Damned
10R The Vampires of Venice
11R Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
12R Dark Water
13R The Lie of the Land
14R Ascension of the Cybermen

Ascension of the Cybermen sits close to the end of Series 12, given what we know about Series 13, and more importantly what is not known beyond, will there be a story assigned code 15R?

That’s the ballgame. Isn’t it?