Twice the Answer to .. well Everything

Despite having been around for what can only be charitably described as “awhile” and being ensconced in another fallow period for the show, the Tour continues the perpetual struggle to assemble the best image collection we can find.

Even as large as the Tour is at present, we’re convinced there are still tens of thousands of pictures still out there waiting to be found to unearthed.  But with the days of the massive Tour updates in favor smaller, more pointed improvements upon us and with both Modern Recap-itulation and Classic Capitology essentially “finished,” there’s still a need to highlight some of the gems which have recently been folded into the Tour.

The occasion of Tom Baker’s 84th birthday on January 20th is such an event, though the Tour is beyond fashionably late for this one.  But we found two images of Baker worth a visit, one from his Miscellany and the other from his Who Not Who! which are just adorable.

The myth of ol’ Scarf Boy is that when he left Doctor Who, largely on the strength of not wanting to appear in The Five Doctors, he left completely up until his participation with Big Finish began several years back.  These pictures, and many more besides, belie that impression.

Once the Doctor, always the Doctor.  That’s quite a legacy … and one worth celebrating.