The Seven Year Pastiche

The Rings of Akhaten is a Doctor Who story that seems very eager to be liked by one and all.  Clearly a lot of budget and attention was lavished on the story, and here at THT Towers we genuinely liked Rings, but, and herein lies the difference between a harder-core Doctor Who fan and a general interest viewer, what we also saw were the echoes of A LOT of previous stories.

Liked The End of the World?  Fancy The Satan Pit?  Aching for a bit of Gridlock?  They’re all in there, mixed well and most certainly acted and directed well, but for the experienced fan it can take you out the narrative in front of you to play ‘spot the ghost of a previous story.

Nevertheless there was much to commend this week, as this was Clara’s first proper trip J-LC was asked to do a lot and she delivered, especially in her interactions with Mary.  And almost no one could or should complain about the sumptuous visual feast The Rings of Akhaten was.  We especially like the Vigil and the way they glided through their scenes.

Not as many images from the story this time around, but that’s okay.  Ice Warriors are coming next week.  Images and caps for The Rings of Akhaten are now online.