A River Runs Through It

This is what we as fans expected the Moffat era to be, whereas The Eleventh Hour split the difference between styles for himself and RTD and The Beast Below honored the notions of many stories–including those of RTD–into a pastiche that worked for the most part, The Time of Angels carried forward not only some of his previous themes and characters, River Song from Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead and the Weeping Angels from Blink, but also the hopes of many fans and non-fans alike.

This was the first story into production so we here at THT Worldwide, and we’ll wager you too, were wondering if we’d see a Four to Doomsday / Castrovalva situation regarding Matt Smith getting to grips with character.  Our observation is that he succeeded quite, quite well, as does everything else with this story.  Now experienced Who fans are thoroughly acquainted with two-part story syndrome in which back halves of two-part stories fall well short of the promise of the first half.  While that remains to be seen as of this writing, do you have that underlying sense that this will happen again?  We don’t.

Lots of images this time around… many of them stemming from first days filming on the series.  Those images will stay up in their special gallery until after next week after which it will disappear.  We’ve also held some back for Flesh and Stone based on pure guess work, but don’t be surprised if at least some of the images for The Time of Angels shift around after the concluding chapter.  Caps and images for The Time of Angels are now online.

A couple of housekeeping items.  Our RSS feed problems of the past few weeks are resolved so please adjust your readers to from here forward.  Also we’re happy to announce the return of the dynamic ratings table.  Each season we rank the stories against each other.  Do our ratings tally with yours?