13 Years.. 100000 Images.. Many, Many Thanks

Happy (belated) Anniversary to Doctor Who, and not coincidentally to…. us.  This site went live on November 23rd, 1997, which according to our math make us 13 years old.  Awkward in human years, ancient by internet standards, but still kicking it  for content.  Many, many thanx for everyone who regularly uses the site and shares the content (particularly tumblr blogs… holy buckets do these sites love the Tour).

When the site turned five on November 23rd 2002 and adopted a continual display format, we passed the 10000 images in overall site content, with the 10000th image shown to the right.  Last year when we turned 12 the overall image count stood at 76000.  All year long the THT Brain Wizards hoped 100000 images was in sight, and now for the 13th Anniversary a site-wide Tour updates vaults the overall image count over 100000 images for the first time (nearly a 5600 image bump).  Huzzah!

But that’s not all…

  • As always at this time of year, we’ve dusted off our annual Holiday tradition…. The original Doctor Who Christmas special, The Feast of Steven.
  • We’ve upped the max. image resolution to 1280 pixels in keeping with increasing usage of higher resolution monitors.
  • Caps for the first trailer of A Christmas Carol are now online.
  • Re-instated the countdown clock for the upcoming Christmas special A Christmas Carol.

Once again many thanx for your continued patronage for lo these many years.  For the terminally curious, what was the 100,000th image?  Look to your left.