Hey isn’t that…

I’ve made it something of a summer tradition the last few years to engorge myself in some vintage British television which I either haven’t seen for a while or which I haven’t seen at all.  Last summer I ‘discovered’ The Saint, and I’ve ‘dedicated’ this summer to The Professionals.  Produced between 1978-82 by the same team that saw The Avengers through in their heyday in the sixties, the show was an action—adventure series of the highest caliber, which lasted five seasons (roughly 50 50-minutes episodes).

But that’s not the fun part.  What’s fun is snatching, from another part of their careers, some of the familiar faces which dotted not only Doctor Who at the time, but many other fantasy series of the time as well.  There’s Lalla Ward (as a baddie) in one episode over there, and William Russell (!) as a baddie in this corner.  You don’t necessarily watch the programs looking for this kind of stuff, it just sort of sneaks up on you.

Just the sort of summer froth that’ll tide me over until Lost returns in September.