As mentioned before in this space I’ve been working within Doctor Who fandom since 1981, more than half my life.

I’ve never been in this position before.

While you let the mystery of that deepen just a little I’m referring to this:  This is the first time that I have truly had new Doctor Who to watch each week.  Now to clarify it should be said that when riding the crest Doctor Who as a PBS phenomenon in the mid-80’s, there was always something to look forward to, be it the Jon Pertwee stories and reaching back to Troughton and Hartnell or forward all the way to McCoy.  I was able to begin from a standing start in 1985 to completing my Doctor Who collection (as it could exist then) in about four years.  The stories were shown in movie format, all of which was good, but at that time we knew what was coming.

Not anymore, and what a joy that is!

Now I get to share in an experience British fans have held forever, anticipating next week’s adventure.