battlEfiEld for Effort

Battlefield is a late-run story of the classic series with a foot in two, or maybe even three, camps.  On the one hand it is trying, perhaps desperately trying, to be a down-the-line traditional Doctor Who story, as such it attempts to tick so many boxes from the inclusion of the Brigadier to Bessie and even the new-look UNIT.  The depiction of UNIT in Battlefield certainly signposted the way it would be used in nu-Who.  And in something of a rarity for the McCoy era, the four episodes afforded to Battlefield allowed the story to breathe in a way the next story Ghost Light could only dream of.

With all these considerations, Battlefield should be a story designed to be loved, but sadly it is merely just a pleasant diversion, an exercise rather than an impression.

The lads in Classic Capitology report these are quite possibly the most gorgeous set of caps (with the possible exception of the all-film Spearhead From Space) they have ever worked with.  They’re certainly plentiful enough.

Where ever shall our merry band of cappers amble off to next?