14Y .. 138K .. Many Many THX

14 Years…. 138,000 images… Many many thanks.  Happy (belated) Anniversary to Doctor Who, and not coincidentally to…. us.  This site went live on November 23rd, 1997, which according to our abacus make us 14 years old.  Somewhat awkward in human years, positively ancient by internet standards, though hopefully still kicking it for content.  Many, many thanx for everyone who regularly uses the site and shares the content (particularly tumblr blogs… holy buckets do these sites love the Tour).

Last year on the occasion of the 13th Anniversary the Tour surpassed 100,000 images so the Tour has grown in content 38% in just one year.

When it’s anniversary time we open up the vault to do the giving.

  • As always at this time of year, we’ve dusted off our annual Holiday tradition…. The original Doctor Who Christmas special, The Feast of Steven.
  • A modest, at least by modern standards, overall site update (about 1700 images).  Check out The Master List to find out what’s what.
  • Re-instated the countdown clock for the upcoming Christmas special The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe.
  • For the terminally curious, we opened up the “back nine” of the site with as many of the old posts as the Internet Wayback Machine could manage, some going back to 1999.  Cleaned up a lot of old bad code in the process.

Happy Anniversary everyone.  Onto Christmas!