These are a WHO of my Favorite Things #3

Just as the Tour takes occasional joy in goings on outside the friendly confines of the Tour, as part of the year-end countdown we’re going to take a moment to highlight the favorite thing done by the Tour this year.

It is of course our 50th Anniversary project which ran all the way from January 1st all the way up to the Anniversary in November, 50 for 50 … The 50 Greatest Stories in Doctor Who History, a collection of thoughts and short essays from four Doctor Who fans taking turns talking about their favorite Doctor Who stories.

So many thanks go out to Alan, Andy, and Steve for all of their work in keeping the Countdown going, and more importantly, interesting during the hectic beginnings, the mushy middle, and all of the ‘pick conflicts’ that predominated over the final third of the list.  We’re proud of the project and the all the conversations it started.

Definitely our favorite thing the Tour did in 2013.