16 Years, 198K Images, Many Many Thanks

A Happy 50th Anniversary to Doctor Who and, not coincidentally, to us.  This lil’ol’site also has an anniversary today, our 16th.  Somewhat awkward in human years, downright ancient by internet standards, but hopefully still kicking it for content.

When the site turned five on November 23rd, 2002 and adopted a continual display format, we passed the 10000 images in overall site content.  Three years ago on the 13th Anniversary the Tour moved past 100000 images.  Now at 16 we stand a hairs-breath away from 200000 images (a figure which will be surpassed very, very, very soon).  Many, many thanx for everyone who regularly uses the site and shares the content (particularly tumblr blogs… holy buckets do these sites love the Tour).

But this is the time of year where tradition reigns, and in that vein from now right through to Christmas and this years special is when we begin to breakout our own holiday offerings:

  • We are presenting images and caps for the celebratory ‘making of’ Anniversary Special An Adventure in Space and Time.
  • As always at this time of year, we’ve dusted off our annual Holiday tradition…. The original Doctor Who Christmas special, The Feast of Steven.
  • We will be re-instating the countdown clock for the upcoming Christmas special.

It has been a big year for the Tour, adding 32000 images, successfully completing our 50th Anniversary Project 50 for 50 … The 50 Greatest Stories in Doctor Who History (along with Alan, Andy, and Steve) as well as making a number of other under-the-hood site improvements intended to ensure long-term site stability.

We loved An Adventure in Space and Time and decided to put into the Tour because any drama about Doctor Who History almost by definition need to be honored on a site dedicated to Doctor Who History.

Thanks again for your patronage in making the Tour a Doctor Who resource.  The Day of the Doctor looms.  As always after the program has aired this is where you can come to always access the best curated caps and images from the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.