You’re an old lad, Salateen. You know the ropes.

Robert Glenister is one of the cadre of British actors who’ve had a long career appearing in what seems to be an innumerable numbers of shows, sometimes foregrounded, more often back grounded and there just to do their bit and lend solidity to whatever the show or episode happens to be this time.

We were thrilled to see him as part of the ensemble in Hustle, a superior series about con men which ran from 2004-12 where is played Ash Morgan, the technical behind-the-scenes guy, but his career goes back much further, even to a series called ‘Sink or Swim’ in which he co-starred with Peter Davison before either appeared in Doctor Who.   And given the esteem with which we hold The Caves of Androzani, how could we resist his turn in Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror.

But the presence of Glenister was only part of the reason Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror felt so reassuring, for this was as ‘traditional’ an episode of Doctor Who, in the best sense of the word, that the Whittaker era has produced.  Even with the nu-Who predilection for turning what the classic series called a pseudo-historical into a celebrity-historical, this was just a very nice story all around.

Counting Spyfall as a single story, we’re now 3 stories into Series 12, so it’s time to dust off the Series 12 Dynamic Ratings Table which will run now till the end of the Season.   Images and caps for Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror are now online.  And since we’re feeling nostalgic for those tenuous old-Who nu-Who connections, we’ll have to unearth our copy of The Unicorn and the Wasp to get a dose of Christopher Benjamin just for snicks.

Space-Rhinos are SO go fro, yo?