The (Sea) Devil You Know

The Classic Capitology team continues their relentless pursuit leading up to the 50th Anniversary with a new set of caps for the Jon Pertwee story The Sea Devils.  Those who know the THT Brain Trust may well have tired of hearing The Sea Devils being extolled.  Although we rate Inferno ever-so-slightly higher, this really is Pertwee and Jo at their absolute best–right down to a wordless, wonderful rescue Jo executes to help the Doctor escape captivity.  The Sea Devils is also a Master story, the best use of Roger Delgado since Terror of the Autons.  It’s also a Naval story, with Captain Hart, Commander Ridgeway, and the rest of the working Navy shone as the professionals they are.

It’s simply phenomenal.  Special mention should be made of two supporting performances which underpin the story at different points.  Clive Morton as Trenchard, the Master’s dupe, is perfectly cast as is Martin Boddey in episodes 5 and 6 as Walker (Parliamentary Private Secretary) who was more concerned with his next meal than dealing with the Sea Devil threat.

The Sea Devils found it’s way onto 3 of 4 of the 50 for 50 lists, but somehow escaped being part of the overall list Countdown, but if 75% of otherwise knowledgeable fans recommend this story, shouldn’t you do the same?

Classic Capitology has promised another important, even mythic Doctor Who story for next time.  Whatever could it be?