These are a WHO of my Favorite Things #3

A long, long time ago in a suburb far, far away, and definitely way before the internet was a gleam in Al Gore’s eye, fans used to get together and express their love for Doctor Who in video form.  On videotape no less.

Oh yes it was a simpler time, when DWB and videotape circulation of lost Troughton or even Pertwee were currency for the hardcore stateside fan.  The most prolific group to have produced these parody video was The Federation out of Chicago.  Starting in 1983 (or thereabouts) and continuing well into 90’s they held the sharpest eye of parody, one which others who followed could only aspire to.

The Feds put out their videos on “Video’zines” and showcased their work to great effect, as well as some others who later got into the game.  On Issue #1 dated January 1986 they premiered a little something called “A Doctor’s Carol.”

Sadly no images exist from the video (easily obtainable ones that is).  Still the story should be familiar enough with the twist being that it’s the Sixth Doctor getting the Scrooge treatment.  It was even a musical!

Whatever happened to those plucky Feds?  Steven Hill runs Gallifrey Base and even has an entry in IMDB.  Jennifer Kelley helps run Chicago Tardis.  Did rather well don’t you think.
BTW a little deeper dive proved that the Feds a little more active today than previously thought.  Good on them for keeping the spirit going.