The Ten Specials of Christmas — #4

The #4 entry on this years countdown is also it’s ‘newest’ edition in a sense that it’s a bit of a stretch to make the list, but on December 28, 1971, BBC One aired the omnibus movie version of The Dæmons.  This sure sounds like a Christmas Special to us here at THT Worldwide.

Of course in terms of pure feel The Dæmons is much more a halloween story (even though the story itself takes place in April) but the joy of it all is watching the pure espirit d-corps of the cast moving through the story.  The stakes here are every bit as high as during any of the ‘modern’ Christmas specials, but this is a team effort, and not just the Doctor up against a series of explosions.

Many many fans rate The Dæmons as their favorite Pertwee story, and as such, even with a tenuous Christmas tie-in, how can it not be far from the top on this list?

#3 to follow.