The Ten Specials of Christmas — #5

The tent-pole of the Tour’s countdown to Christmas would have been ranked at or near the bottom of the list three or four years ago.  But time, and the success of the Catherine Tate season as a companion has softened many opinions regarding The Runaway Bride, #5 in our Christmas countdown.  Now it could be more rightly considered the first story, disconnected though it was, of Tennant’s fourth season.  RTD took the criticisms and found the character in Donna that could be sustained over the course of a season.

To review so far here is the parade in our Christmas Countdown

#10 – Voyage of the Damned
#9 – The Feast of Steven
#8 – The End of Time Pt I
#7 – The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe
#6 – The Next Doctor

Wonder what #5 will be?  Find out tomorrow.