Ten Days Till the Tenthiversary of the Tenting of the Tenth

For a show that, at it’s heart, is ostensibly about time travel, the fans of Doctor Who, including this one, have a slippery relation to the remembrance of the passage of time relative to the program itself.  There is no truer validation of this than the notion that ‘nu-Who’ is still a relatively new phenomenon when in fact it most certainly is not.

As of this posting, its been 5385 days since Christopher Eccleston and Rose graced screens on March 26, 2005.  That same duration taken from November 23rd, 1963 when An Unearthly Child set alight brings us to August 18, 1978.  That’s only two weeks away from the beginning of Season 16, The Key To Time season, began with The Ribos Operation.

That’ll make you think some right?

The Tour had this little revelation when it considered the start of Series 12 kicks of the next decade and sunsets the 2010’s.  David Tennant regenerated on January 1st , 2010 at the end of The End of Time Part II.  How can it be ten years ago?  And yet it is.

We’re now ten days away from the 10th Anniversary of the end of the Tennant era.  Ignoring the Tours own pedantry about Tennant actually being the 11th Doctor rather then the 10th (from continuity given at the end of the Smith era in The Time of the Doctor), we didn’t want this little timeslip to be forgotten before the holidays and the final run-up to Spyfall sweep us into the week-to-week rhythm of Series 12.