40th Anniversary

Our 40th anniversary gift is… another site update.  Over 300+ images strong and covering, as they often do, the whole of the series.  The Tour now stands 11500 images, a 15% growth since we hit 10000 images a year ago.  As always we appreciate your input and continued patronage.

Special thanx to Colin Young has graciously allowed some of his images to be shown here.  You can also see his stuff @ The Doctor Who Collection of Colin Young (Col).

We’ve also decided, since he has the official sanction of the BBC behind him, to include pictures of the new ‘ninth’ Doctor Richard E. Grant.  We’ve scoured the net for pictures and are presenting him here.  Aren’t quite sure whether these pictures will become permanent, but for the moment, take a look-see.  And we’re looking forward to his debut in November.