Room Without a View

So here we are… at the precipice of a season-ending (triple) cliffhanger.  There are so many story threads dangling, not just from The Pandorica Opens but from the season itself, that it’s hard to know what to feel, except that you want “The Big Bang” to come sooner rather than later.  Of course any fan from 2005 onwards also has been informed by RTD-style season finales which always promised more in the first-halves of stories than were delivered in the latter-halves, but with Moffat now there’s a different feel this time around, and the sense that it will all in fact make sense in the end.

As such our grades for The Pandorica Opens are scoring it high in the 2010 Dynamic Ratings Table, but this feeling could well swing well up or down based on next weeks conclusion.  We can’t wait.

There was one unusual thing in this episode however that took the THT Brain Trust (temporarily) right out of the story, and it touches on a Tour pet peeve.  Matt Smith has, relatively speaking, quite an asymmetrical face.  It’s always bothered us when stills are released in publications that have clearly been reversed, mostly to keep drawing readers eyes towards the center of a page.  Peter Davison images are infamous in this regard.  In The Pandorica Opens there are whole scenes where for whatever reason the picture has been reversed.  Once you notice the part in Matt Smith’s coif oriented the wrong way it becomes quite distracting, and it happened more than once.  When capping this episode we simply couldn’t let this stand so caps from the clearly reversed scenes have been corrected.  See if you can spot where these have occurred.

Images and caps from The Pandorica Opens are now online.