Going out with a …..

Upon first viewing of The Big Bang here at THT Worldwide, the consensus in the room was that while we liked it, we also wondered aloud if the general public would “get it.”  We then undertook a second, more defined, viewing sharpened all of the marvelous detail that had been laid in not only in the story, also through the season.  Although the change in tone from The Pandorica Opens to The Big Bang couldn’t have been more stark (just as it was earlier with The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone)  the conclusion here was so satisfying that it vaulted both stories to the top of this years Dynamic Ratings Table.

Matt Smith was faultless once again.  The Young Man with Old Eyes shone both when speaking to Amy strapped into the Pandorica and when telling a sleeping 7-year old Amelia to love Rory and have a good life.  The Piggly-Wiggly Timey-Wimey-ness to get the Doctor out of the Pandorica in the end amounts to something of a cheat, but it was carried off with such panache by Smith that it didn’t matter in the end.

The tone in the episode ranged from funereal to whimsical, and Smith moved through it all amazingly well.  More thoughts to come later in the week.  The Tour will begin to shift gears back into off-season mode soon enough but for right now… Images and caps for The Big Bang are now online.