Up-stares, Downstairs

Another week, another 3-hand character piece.  This time however instead of being the change agent, Amy was pushed to the sidelines and it was the Doctor who moved the plot along.  While it was feared that Richard Curtis’ comedic history would undermine Vincent and the Doctor, that episode felt positively weighty compared to Gareth Roberts’ The Lodger.

It’s not that the story disappointed in the more traditional sense like Victory of the Daleks did at least for this viewer, rather that it was an inconsequential trifle (save for the last three minutes which served as a setup for the two-part finale), which had more of the resonance of Fear Her than anything else.

Not much else to say.  Didn’t offend, didn’t impress, and as such it settles neatly into the bottom half of the 2010 Dynamic Ratings Table.  Lots’o’lots of images this time around though.

Images and caps for The Lodger are now online.  See you next week when The Pandorica opens.