The winding road Classic Capitology has been on for quite awhile is about to be come to it’s final destination, in fact this latest entry actually finishes off the Tom Baker Wing of the Tour with a new set of caps for The Brain of Morbius.  The Doctor Who fan whose lens only started in 2005 needs to know that The Brain of Morbius marks the first time the Doctor comes to the planet Karn, which he would revisit quite unexpectedly, and delightfully, in the 2013 Special The Night of the Doctor.

Karn is where the eponymous 8th Doctor met his end, but the 4th Doctor nearly bought it there too, fried after the mental showdown with Morbius but rescued by the ‘Exilir of Life,’ and wielded as sparingly as possible by the Sisterhood of Karn.

In our previous musings about Morbius we noted it’s really just a ping-pong between Solon’s high castle and the Sisterhood, but Morbius-the-brain is really just a hoot, especially spilled out on a laboratory floor.

There’s only one story left for the Classic Capitology lads to wrangle (okay actually more than that but that’s another story).

The thrilling conclusion … next time.