Prelude to Peladon

Just in case it hadn’t been underlined lately, there are elements of the Pertwee era which are being echoed in the Capaldi era.  I know!  Startling isn’t it?  Purveyors of Doctor Who History such as we here at the Tour are wise to coincidences like that.

Never was that more evident as in Empress of Mars, as much of a throwback to 70’s Doctor Who as the resident staff historian Mark Gatiss could manage.  And while Empress of Mars certainly was evocative, there’s a double edge which can cut both ways where, in trying too hard, as in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, it leaves everything a bit hollow.

That can’t be said about Empress of Mars, which went to lengths to show how Hulke-ian the Ice Warriors were, and tied it up with a neat bow to include Alpha Centuri in all of here mono-ocular glory. A 2017 story which featured Ysanne Churchman?  Now there’s a deep and abiding respect for Doctor Who as ever there could be.

Images and caps for Empress of Mars are now online.