Go Big Red!

The Crimson Horror seems to be an episode destined to create some division amongst fans.  Those itching for Clara clarification and knowing that our all-too-brief run of eight episodes is dwindling rapidly are sure to be annoyed by the relatively light tone to this story and the relatively light presence of the Doctor (and lighter-still Clara).

But this is an episode that rewards the viewer on re-watch.  Holding off on the appearance of the Doctor has been done many times before, notably in Revelation of the Daleks and The Christmas Invasion, so it makes it an altogether better reveal when our Dr. Scarlet shows.

But the reason this story scores with us here at THT Omniversal is that it’s a favorite fusion of Doctor Who styles, the gothic pseudo-historical, used in classics such as The Talons of Weng-ChiangThe Evil of the Daleks, and The Visitation.  Top it off with the magnificence of Dame Diana Rigg and you have a wonderful melange.

Lots of images this time around, which is a good thing because things will be a bit sparse next week.  Images and caps for The Crimson Horror are now online.