On the Second Special of Christmas, Doctor Who Gave to me …

In previous, less expansive versions of this countdown The End of Time Pt I was rated more highly, perhaps because it culminated a year of build-up and very occasional stories.  But because it should be considered in full with it’s back half, and upon reflection, The End of Time Pt I has come down considerably on our list.  It was certainly the least Christmassy of all the specials, despite the fact that the events of the story take place in or around Christmas time.

Of course the resurrection of the Master was horribly contrived, but this first-half of a story, as so many RTD two-part stories did, had it’s share of moments, and at the core of it all was the relationship between the two old souls, the Doctor and Wilf.  Their scenes sparkled with the resonance of lives in full.  If we were to judge both halves of this story as one for the purposes of this Christmas ranking, it would probably come out higher overall, but as it is it sits quite comfortably in at #11.

#10 tomorrow.