Ghost Light, er Battlefield, Shredding

Doing some clean-up of the Sylvester McCoy section when we came across this little beauty from Ghost Light.

Though the story itself is rightly remembered for being too confusing, nothing an extra episode on the three given couldn’t put right–just to allow the story to breathe a bit, there’s little ambiguity about what McCoy is doing between takes.

As Ghost Light was the last classic story to be in production, McCoy was having fun all the way to the end.

The Tour couldn’t think of another time that a guitar, of the airy variety or more concrete, had appeared prior to Mr. Capaldi picking up the instrument in The Magician’s Apprentice.

But then it hit us, there was the Scooby-Doo moment from Love & Monsters.

I think we prefer the shredding of McCoy.

One of our innumerable site visitors, Brett Prickett , quite correctly noted that the featured image was from Battlefield and not Ghost Light.  All of us are smarter even than the Tour.