Pulling an All-Nyder

As was recently pointed out at #10 in the 50 for 50 Countdown, Genesis of the Daleks was on every single one of the story list used in the Countdown, in fact it’s average position at #6 overall, marked it as having the highest average position for any such story.  Kinda makes think it’s a pretty good story doesn’t it?
And you would be right.

For Doctor Who fans who aren’t necessarily Dalek lovers, this is their Dalek story of choice, putting a new foundation into the Daleks and forever altering their trajectory in the program.

In fact it would be from Pertwee’s Death to the Daleks all the way to Eccleston’s Dalek (cameos not withstanding) for there to be a Dalek story which did not feature Davros in some way.  And due apologies to Terry Malloy and Julian Bleach, who each did something with the part, it’s Michael Wisher (a true Who stalwart of the early to mid-seventies) as Davros which is indelibly remembered.

Calculating, traitorous, but, as the discussion with Tom Baker in episode five about an all-powerful killer virus showed, more than a little mad, it is Davros which the story revolved around, aided by his eyes and ears (almost literally), the lugubrious Nyder.

Even knowing that the Doctor couldn’t really succeed in his efforts did nothing to undermine the drama.  As mentioned before, Genesis of the Daleks was the first shot in the Time War, which we think ‘The Day of the Doctor’ will finally provide some resolution to.

The resolution (not to mention the breadth) of these new caps however is a big improvement over what previously existed within Tour confines.  Another classic story beckons to be capped.  What shall it be?