Ghost Writer

The goblins over at Modern Recap-itulation prepare to close out another season of faux nu-Who good-ity with a new set of caps for the penultimate episode of Series 2 Army of Ghosts.  As it is very much the front half of a season concluding two-part episode Army of Ghosts, with the exception of the introduction of modern Torchwood, is almost all set-up for Doomsday to follow upon.

As such, as quite wisely too, all of the emotional wallop to come is held back in favor of the mystery, although any fan worth their salt should have easily guessed what was behind big-floaty-ball #1.

One point of interesting trivia, more in the nature of a technicality, is that, despite initial thought to the contrary, this was far from the first time that the Cybermen and Daleks appeared–in some form–in the same story–and not together it should be said, having previously appeared together in The Wheel in Space, The War Games, The Mind of Evil, Logopolis, The Five Doctors, and Dalek.

While Army of Ghosts was largely a mystery, there’ll be no such dilemma about the next addition of Modern Recap-itulation … next time.