Welcome Tour faithful.   The Tour has been around as a web presence for almost four years now, and as a personal project (knowingly or unknowingly) for more than six.  But as Doctor Who web sites of some quality continue to be harder to come across, it’s important that they evolve to keep fresh, and so we’re undertaking a small survey of our readership to ask what the next step for the Tour should be. Here are the options our brain-wizards are offering…

  • Continue the Tour in its present form as a monthly series of rotating image galleries and also continue Randomizer and Eye of Orion sections for special requests.  Vote here
  • Move to a permanent display format where all of the Tour’s content will be accessible as the recent ‘whole Doctor’ sections have been. Most of the special sections (Randomizer & Eye of Orion) would disappear and the Tour’s content would be housed on free servers (with all of the associated pop-ups).   Vote here
  • Wrap it up. It’s been a good run. So long and thanks for all the fish.  Vote here

The E-mail links that pop-up will be directed to a special E-mail account set up for the purposes of the vote, but please feel free to offer other comments about what the Tour could and should be doing at the same time.  We look forward to your input.  In any event any changes would take place come April 2002, when the current run in the Panopticon concludes and the Tour has had a complete run through the series for a second time.  A few more questions will follow in the coming weeks and months… but thanx again for your input.

We’ve been captured!  After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to begin accepting high-quality screen captures for the Tour.   Screen captures have their place, indeed many of the most potent images from the series can only be represented by using video screen captures, but only now, has the quality of images taken from digital sources (DVD’s) with newer capture software come along sufficiently for this type of consideration.  Indeed the recent quality of these captures rivals, after suitable re-touching and color correction, many of the better images already in the Tour.

In accordance with this change, we are looking for someone to assist the Tour’s brain wizards in obtaining these SC’s from DW DVD releases (especially the 1996 TVM which is out as a region 2 release).  Anyone who can supply help these for us both in quality and quantity will, of course, receive proper credit on the site as well as our warmest personal regards (what were you expecting, a Ronco Pocket Fisherman?).  If you are interested you can contact us here.