Wolf on the Hoof

The Tour makes quite likely, aside from overall site updates, the last foray into the Christopher Eccleston era, with a revised set of caps for the last two stories, Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways.

What a shame it would have been had the secret of his departure been kept as intended.  Given the white-hot intensity that the 2005 run of stories was under it was a fanciful notion then, and an impossible one now.  But these two stories are an absolutely fine way to go out.  Bad Wolf, though largely a pastiche, has just that needed undercurrent of menace and weirdness that shifts when it becomes clear what the setting, Satellite Five.  Eccleston is on top form here, and perhaps never better than when he promises Rose that he would rescue her.  Great stuff.

The Parting of the Ways was, and in fact needed to be, much more emotional.  The Doctor is almost isolated throughout the story, so it inevitably falls to Rose to carry that emotion with one important exception, and it isn’t anything to do with the regeneration itself, rather it occurs when the Tardis, in the guise of Eccleston, appears as a hologram to warn rose about the danger.  “Have a great life Rose.”  Gets us here at the Tour every time.

Speaking of regeneration, the Tour has given itself a slight face-lift.  Nothing as drastic as before Series 9 went out, but we like it.  Hope you will as well.