Voyage of the Spammed

Well the BBC did just put one over on us.  Here we thought Clara wasn’t going to be in Mummy on the Orient Express but there she was, fully engaged in the story.  Then again they didn’t shy away from the tensions begun in Kill the Moon either.

Despite initial reservations, Mummy on the Orient Express didn’t turn out of to be in the vein of Tennant’s Voyage of the Damned and was more in the vein of a whodunnit than anything else.  Tonally it was more of a fit for The Robots of Death than most of Series 8 but having said that there’s also a whiff of the Sylvester McCoy era involved in the withholding of information.

Overall a nice, pleasant bounce-back of a story.

Sadly in the have/have-not world of Doctor Who images Mummy on the Orient Express as a mostly studio-bound story is relatively paltry in its overall allotment of images compared to others so far in Series 8.  The caps, however, continue to impress.

Time to get all two-dimensional.  Next week.