Flat Earth Propriety

These Doctor-light stories have certainly come a long way since (the worst story in all of nu-Who) Love & MonstersBlink is an all-timer.  The Girl Who Waited is most likely one as well.  For your consideration, we’d like to add a possible third to this list, and to date the class of this Series 8, Flatline.

An incredibly clever bit of storytelling, mostly keeping Peter Capaldi Tardis-bound at the same time advancing season-long themes regarding responsibility and the weight of decisions, Clara took on the mantle of the Doctor with cheeky aplomb, even getting a companion of her own to explain events to.  Even with the odd bit of assistance from the Doctor.

Flatline was simply brimming with imaginative ideas.  Miniature TARDIS’ has been done before, but never with full-sized objects coming out, and totally in keeping with the story.

More to say about Flatline later.  Meanwhile, images and caps for Flatline are now available.