Tribulations and Trials

This week’s cap addition eerily mirrors The Tour itself lately, or so it seems.  When Michael Grade took the decision to ‘rest’ the program for 18-months back in 1985 (in actuality much closer to 9 months based on actual production schedules… look it up) he explicitly called attention to the flaws of the program and the production team as he saw it at the time.  JN-T, ideas man that he was, apparently decided that if the program was in effect on trial then the Doctor should be as well.  Truth was the public at large didn’t care, ‘they’ just wanted good stories, and the notion of an all-encompassing umbrella would’ve tested any audience.

The trial as a wrap-around was going to be intrusive on any story, and never more so than in The Mysterious Planet.  So many interruptions, and so much back and forth bickering between the three courtroom principals.  This was the great Robert Holmes’ last complete story, and it would have stood all right on it’s own, but parcelled up it was less digestible.  And from a screen-capping point of view, there are only so many ways to bring these courtroom scenes to life as it were.

Still the caps this week are pure addition for the Tour which is always nice.  The Tour itself has also had a ‘trying’ week which included downtime.  If you think you can help with hosting options let us know.

I wonder what next weeks cap addition will be?