Crossing the Streams

News came forth from Mount Moffat today that (Dame) Diana Rigg will be appearing in an episode in the back half of Season 7. At the risk of using words like ‘nerd-gasm’ this is a callback to long, long ago days when everything British in terms of entertainment was fascinating and absorbing. For this fan the ‘gateway drug’ into these Bundles from Britain was not Doctor Who but rather The Avengers.

As anyone reading these pages should already know, Rigg appeared as the luminous Emma Peel from 1965-67 during the high-water for this series, or perhaps any British series ever (hyperbole intended) bringing effortless style, charm, and sex appeal all at the same time.
Dame Diana will be appearing alongside her daughter Rachael Stirling and acting together for the first time. It’s probably not an accident that they are a package deal but who cares!  Now if they could find a way to get Patrick McGoohan to appear in the series (which would be quite a trick considering he’s dead) then my fan-life would be complete.
Matt Smith’s choice of head gear to the left…. probably not an accident.