Golden Devil

You could easily be forgiven for thinking it’s not 2022 but rather 2009 all over again.  A Doctor, heading towards regeneration, fresh off a holiday special–now in a year of sparse ‘specials with the next one airing at Easter and one to follow–almost certainly with dire consequences for the Doctor–in the autumn of the year.

While it remains to be seen whether Legend of the Sea Devils rates as a Whittaker story or is seen as something of an oddball in the way Planet of the Dead was for David Tennant, what the Tour finds important is the return of the Sea Devils.  If Tour Honchos had been on the ball it would have been noteworthy to say that episode 6 of The Sea Devils aired 50 years ago, the Golden Anniversary, on April 1st, and that’s on us.  But we make no bones about it, we love The Sea Devils around these parts. 

Putatively a successor to (Doctor Who and) The Silurians, this story really made great use of Roger Delgado at his scheming best, treated the naval personnel as the professionals they surely were, and had a great Doctor/Jo dynamic.  And if you don’t hate Walker (‘Parliamentary Private Secretary’) in episodes 5 & 6, then we can’t convince you as to the stories greatness.

Of course we heard rumo(u)rs that the Sea Devils also made an appearance in the Davison story Warriors of the Deep. but somehow all we can think of in that case is a pantomime horse, so we dismiss it immediately.

The Tour has it’s buckle full swashed in anticipation of actual new Doctor Who.  Avast and yo-ho-Who!