Scissors in a Bottle

After an extended holiday away the Tour returns (albeit putting just a tentative toe in the waters) to classic cap-it-ology with one of the real oddities in the whole of Doctor Who.  Once the Daleks hit with force it was obvious that Doctor Who would exceed its original remit, but with the expensive and expansive Marco Polo not quite ready a quick two-week bridge was devised using only the central cast.

The Edge of Destruction is an odd creature for all sorts of reasons, but most notably it stills shows how nascent the relationships among the original crew were.  As I reviewed the story I couldn’t help but think of Amy’s Choice (oddly) in terms of the landscape of the mind which was the focus of the story.  In terms of genre-stretching, this story, though largely forgotten, was surprisingly essential was expanding what kind of story the series could perform.  Would The Mind Robber or episode 3 of The Deadly Assassin have been possible without The Edge of Destruction?  Probably.  But it’s always good to know about the historical antecedents.

These new and improved caps for The Edge of Destruction increase the breadth and quality previously available from the Tour.  Who knows what (or when) the next cap addition will be?