A Pond Farewell? Prove it.

Here in the waning hours before what we assume will be the final appearance of the Ponds a thought suddenly gripped us here at THT Worldwide… When was the last time a companion actually had a true goodbye in Doctor Who?

We presume that The Angels Take Manhattan will be it for Amy and Rory.  Certainly it’ll be final if the pre-episode publicity is to be believed so Team Moff has no track record for fans not to believe otherwise.  But such was not always the case.  Did an RTD companion ever truly leave?  Rose came back, and back (and back yet again, or so it seemed).  Everyone else got as nice little tidy up in The End of Time Pt II so what then?

Grace from the 1996 TVM was a one-off and, for the purposes of this discussion, doesn’t count anymore than Astrid did in Voyage of the Damned or Lady Christina in Forest of the Dead.

To McCoy then.  What about Ace?  No joy there either, onscreen or through the wonders of Big Finish, Ace carries on (and on).  But here we finally have an answer.

It’s Mel. 1987.

How ’bout that?