The Dickens You Say!

Frequent Tour denizens know that we hold the latest contribution to Modern Recap-itulation in very high esteem indeed.  RTD was quite canny in setting up the initial stories of nu-Who back in 2005.  Rose was fast and furious.  The End of the World showed what nu-Who could be capable of in bringing the image of the program up to modern audience expectations, and The Unquiet Dead, our subject this time around, was for the traditionalists.

And we lapped it up.  A pseudo-historical in the best traditions of the program, it’s a story set at Christmas (though not shown at Christmas), we meet Charles Dickens along with a bevy of zombies.

Mark Gatiss’ first script may well have been his best.  It was understandable that long-term fans would gravitate immediately to this story more than others just for the traditional elements within the story, but it also deftly turns Dickens own story on the author himself, keeping the joy for the character but also providing a touchstone for viewers as well.

Oh by the by, the new caps in all their 720p-ishness, are nice to look at too.  Had enough of Christmas in July?  Modern Recap-itulation agrees … next time.