High on Gas, Low on Octane

Being a completist (which canny Tour denizens might have gleaned from time to time) means covering the less-than-good along with the great.  Here’s a quick example.  What’s the worst story from nu-Who’s first season back in 2005?  Bet you didn’t even need to consider your answer.  For the vast majority we posit it is the combination of Aliens of London and World War Three.  For this iteration of Modern Recap-itulation we revisit Aliens of London.

The central idea behind Aliens of London is sound enough.  Do an up-to-date alien invasion story, a staple of classic Who.  Even the execution, with one fairly major exception, isn’t all that wanting.  But whatever possessed Russell T Davies to make the Slitheen the windiest of juvenile aliens to ever appear in Doctor Who defies not only logic but common decency.  Perhaps this could be excused as part of the feeling out process of nu-Who struggling to find tone, or even as a sly, puerile comment on the remembrances of classic Who aliens.

In any event whatever inherent interest the Slitheen might have had was severely undermined not only by this behavior, but by having it as a plot point.  RTD must have known it too because by the time Boom Town came around there was barely a mention.

As always the new caps for Aliens of London are in glorious 720p and more plentiful as well.  Oh yay!  That bit about being a completist?  Wonder what next week will bring.

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