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Doctor Who Season 7 spoilers!

  • The Doctor is to gain a new companion called Liz. Sources suggest she’s a scientist.
  • The Silurians make an appearance.
  • UNIT, who we encountered in the new series in The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky, employ the Doctor as a scientific adviser.
  • Becoming stranded on Earth, the Doctor gets a car called Bessie.
  • There’s an astronaut or two in this series, as well.
  • As for boring into the Earth, somebody’s got further than they did in Wales in Series 5…

Can’t claim this is original having found it on tumblr.  Don’t know about you, but I was more than halfway through it before I caught the joke (Must have been a long day.  Sure it was.).  It’s in part a measure of how long this gap is between seasons that any, ANY scrap of information, is dissected six ways to Sunday.

Still it’s an excuse to think a bit about a truly crucial and groundbreaking season (especially in the case of Inferno).  Spearhead from Space is the “most” unique story in classic Who.  The Silurians was gritty and ambitious in scope.  The Ambassadors of Death was weird, slow, and wonderful.  And Inferno is simply a top-ten all time story.  During this long gap, take an afternoon and indulge in one of these beauties.