Oh .. Too .. Brutal .. Eh?

The ‘S’ in TARDIS stands for space, and the Doctor has become restless again.  And in Doctor Who oft times restlessness begets recklessness.  It certainly did in Oxygen.

That the Doctor purposefully puts himself, Bill, and Nardole into the BUS (base under siege) isn’t all that unusual, but that he stubbornly refuses to see the imminent danger is the point of difference for the Capaldi Doctor, and it has distinct consequences that are blindingly obvious.

Oxygen with the historical antecedents of The Ark in Space or even The Space Pirates feels more like a story to be admired more than adored, and it was squeezed a bit too snugly into the 45 minute running time.  Ultimately it’s a spare, atmospheric classic and upon further reflection, it’ll probably rise to the top of our in-season rankings by the time Series 10 has wrapped.

Images and caps for Oxygen are now online.