Pirates All the Way Down

From the nobody-asked-yet-here-it-is department.  The latest foray for the Doctor et. al. takes us nominally into the realm of pirates, all of which got the Tour Honchos thinking. It seemed that there were a lot of ‘pirates’ in Doctor Who (at least on television) but, and this includes the most recent effort, we found only six, so, just for funsies, we’ve ranked the stories for a little yo-ho-ho.

    1. Enlightenment   Gods playing pirates and sailing ships in space.  What an imaginative story.
    2. The Pirate Planet  Douglas Adams’ first story for Doctor Who is brimming with ideas and a very subtle performance from Bruce Purchase.
    3. The Curse of the Black Spot  Almost a pastiche of pirates stories that loaded with swash but buckles at the buckling.
    4. The Space Pirates  A slow space space-filler near the end of Patrick Troughton’s run.

Drawing incompletes are The Smugglers, for no other reason than it is missing from the archives and Legend of the Sea Devils.   We’ll have to see how it rates after it airs.

Of course there many other pirate-y crossovers that stray not all that far from Doctor Who.  Even the Doctor can do it.


With ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’ we are breaking format just a little bit.  Images will follow but caps will take longer than usual to get on the site.  Thank you for your patience.