Nine, Ten, Begin Again

Ten years ago, yesterday (as of this writing … I know I know this should have been posted on the day of course, but it’s been a verrrry long week), July 18th 2004, production began (again) on Doctor Who, specifically on Aliens of London.

Reportedly the first days filming started off inside quietly inside the Cardiff Royal Infirmary away from the public, at least to begin with, Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor (or so we thought at the time) looking over autopsies of alien piggies as it turned out.

What started on that day of course continues unbroken (with a few small pauses for catching breath) to this very day with Peter Capaldi.  It’s been, and we know will continue to be, a great ride.

To that end here’s a reminder about historical site policy and expectations going forward concerning the new fall series.  The THT Brain Trust has been busy squirreling away images from Series 8 since production began in January 2014.  We will be rolling these out as episodes air in the autumn.  But our seers can already see that Series 8 comes at a very busy time of year for the Tour Honchos so it’s entirely possible capping the episodes will be on a slight delay from what we as a site would like to provide.

We’re also in advance of the series preparing for a long overdue site update and clean-up which promises to be quite large.  This will be arriving sometime in early August.  In the meantime, both Modern Recap-itulation and Classic Capitology continue apace.

Much to do.  Better get to it.